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Safety Razors: How Safe Are They?

Last week I sung the praises of my Oui the People Safety Razor, and I was really surprised at how many of you were interested in the topic! Quite a few people said they wanted to make the switch once they used up the razors they already owned, but were extremely intimidated by them. Honestly, I was terrified of them as well. Most safety razors look much more "industrial" and hard core than the curvaceous scented ones I've been getting from the drugstore for over a decade. Marketing has been screaming "THE MORE BLADES THE BETTER" for even longer. But that 2 billion plastic razors in the landfill statistic kept ringing in my head, and I made the jump.

Three months in and I'm absolutely in love with mine, but there was quite a long learning curve to get there. So, I'd like to share what I've learned to make the process less intimidating. If this idiot can figure it out, so can you.


Real talk, I cut my ankles A LOT at first. I do with traditional razors already because I'm a living

disaster, but it definitely increased when I started with the Safety Razor. I had read the directions that came with my razor, I was being "careful", holding it at a 30 degree angle, so why was it not working? Answer: I was applying too much pressure. I was applying ANY pressure. I was so used to "pushing" my razor against my skin, and that just does NOT work with a safety razor. A good safety razor has a weighted head that's designed to apply the pressure for you. Add more pressure and you're cruising' for a bruisin' (well, cuttin'). Once I figured that out the top of my legs worked perfectly. The next thing to figure out was how to not apply pressure on the underside of my legs, which takes a bit of practice. For me, the trick is to graze the razor across the skin, rather than drag (I hope that makes sense). Armpits: easy as pie. I don't know if it's the angle of armpits or what, but it's still the easiest area for me to shave.

2) Use a Shower Oil

I would highly recommend using a shower oil with your safety razor: I've had the best results/closest shave with it as opposed to soap or body wash. I absolutely love the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil for the heavenly scent and moisturizing properties (I'm terrible at remembering to moisturize my body). It's on the pricey side at $25 for 8.4 ounces ($2.97/oz), but it works so well and I need so little the bottle usually lasts me 6-8 months of constant use (not CF). There's also a few drugstore priced options I haven't tried myself, but the most promising/Cruelty Free option I could find online was the Rituals Happy Buddha Shower Oil, at $9.50 for 6.76 ounces ($1.40/oz). Your skin will thank you.

3) Change Your Blade Regularly

I'm not going to give you a magic number for how many shaves you should do before you change your blade, because I just don't think that's realistic. I think it really depends on the frequency of your shaves and the thickness of your hair. I have medium-thick blonde hairs on my legs and I shave about three times a week, which means 12 shaves per month. I personally seem to be able to get 1.5 months before I need a change. Also, remember your safety razor is double sided!! So try switching to the other side before a change. If you notice tugging, it's time to switch.

What I'm Still Working On

Overall, I love that I'm creating less waste, spending a ton less on razor refills, and I've seriously noticed a reduction of the ingrown hairs on my legs (I used to get them constantly). I am still ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of using my safety razor on my bikini line. I can get it to work, but I am soooo careful and slow I don't get a very close shave. But honestly, until summer comes around I'm not too worried about it. I've got a few months to practice!

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions about using a Safety Razor please feel free to leave a comment here or on my corresponding Instagram post :) SHAVE ON BABYYYY

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