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AD | Palette by Pak High Fiver Detailed Review

I don't think it's any secret at this point that I'm a big fan of the Palette by Pak High Fiver reusable palette. If you're unfamiliar, it's a nifty little five well palette made of silicone and plastic, designed to replace travel minis. I wrote a pretty detailed pros and cons list on Instagram last June, my only reservation being the $45 price tag: was it worth it for the average consumer?

Palette by Pak High Fiver Spatty x Palette ($45)

I reached out to the company about the price point, and they explained to me they use medical grade silicone for the wells (higher cost) and 30% recycled plastics for the base (also higher cost). They also pointed out that while the upfront costs of the product might seem high, purchasing travel minis can add up fast and create a LOT of unnecessary packaging waste. Theoretically, this all makes a lot of sense. It would definitely reduce my packaging waste in the long run, but could this $45 palette actually save me money?

This last month I decided to do a bit of cosmetic price tag forensics. I wanted to investigate if using Palette by Pak High Fiver with five full-sized products--that I would actually take traveling with me--could save me money in the long-run. More importantly, I wanted to make sure to investigate products that have identical minis available for purchase, so price comparisons between the full and mini sizes were as accurate and honest as possible.

Next, for all my bargain-hunting nerds out there, I did a little math. Okay, turns out it's a lot of math. But I did it for you! I figured that if the price per ounce of the full sized products was LESS than the price per ounce of the mini size, we should be saving money each time we use the Palette by Pak High Fiver with our full sized product. For each product in my set of five, I divided the retail price by the number of ounces for each full-sized and mini product. And surprise surprise, the full-sized products were significantly cheaper across the board:

What REALLY surprised me is how much you're actually paying for packaging when purchasing minis: you get a lot less product for a much higher per ounce price tag. Maybe I missed that announcement, but the actual numbers kind of blew my mind. So yes, as claimed, using full-sized products when traveling will in fact save you a good chunk of money in the long run.

Adding up the cost savings for the set of five products I chose, I would save about $24.50/oz choosing to use full-sized product rather than minis. Palette by Pak High Fiver holds .85 ounces of product overall, meaning my per ounce savings each time I use the palette would be approximately $20.83. What does all that actually mean?

Use it three times and the palette pays for itself.

Palette by Pak High Fiver is a bit of an investment, but in my mind a no-brainer. By taking away the need for expensive minis it reduces waste, saves space in my purse or suitcase, and with continued use pays for itself with the savings. Don't tell my friends but they're probably getting one these for their birthday soon. If you've got the pocket change, it's worth every penny.

*This review is Sponsored by Palette by Pak High Fiver, but all opinions and statements are my own. Products shown were gifted to me in exchange for this review. Products shown in the images above were selected by me in the process of creating this review.